About Us

“Create your healthy lifestyle and be the best version of you”

OptiVite is one of the most successful brand in the Vitamins retail category, proudly owned and operated by OptiPharm Pty Ltd which has become a strong presence in the Australian health market with over 20 years’ experience.
OptiVite is not just about taking a vitamin, there are so many vitamins on the market that it’s crowded and confusing. OptiVite is that little accessory to help reach your full potential in whichever area of your health that may need that extra boost. Whether that be your mood, energy, immunity or a nutrient deficiency – we’ve got you covered!
Traditionally, vitamins weren’t personable but rather about a whole heap of pharmaceutical jargon that was hard to understand. Science is very important when it comes to formulating a vitamin but the most important part is that it works! Optivite has done the hard work of putting the formulations together that work and delivering it to you in a simple way.

Why Our Vitamins

Our Vitamins are Australian made backed by industry expertise, with the main focus being on how we can contribute to helping “you” create a brighter and healthier version of yourself. We cut out all the jargon and simplified the process of getting our vitamins to you, we found it very frustrating that the vitamin space was very dull and mostly about competing brands, so we set out to do 3 things:

1. Create a brighter style of packaging to depict that vitamins shouldn’t be boring

2. Scientifically backed formulations that work

3. Simplification

We can do all the above without jacking up the pricing …


Why We’re Cheaper – “Big Savings”

We get this question all the time …

The simple answer is in our OSP (Opti Simplification Process) of our supply chain. We found the traditional system of distribution was outdated so we created our own. We simplified it and cut out all the middlemen distributors and resellers passing on the BIG savings, shipped straight from our factory direct to you. OptiVite is not your traditional vitamin, it is the vitamin created for you.




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